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I work on a neuro floor. It is a GREAT learning environment for nursing students. Now, I know clinical education has changed since I was a student (Dr. Kildare taught us materia medica and I... Read More

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    My mother was a diploma nurse and I heard horror stories about nursing school. However, at the end of her diploma program, Ma was a functional nurse. I have nothing against humanities or foreign languages, however I think nursing students would benefit from more clinical time and less BS.
    AMEN! I taught first and second semester RN students. MY clinical group started IVs, inserted foleys, walked rounds with the physician....wrote workable care plans and they loved it! You should have seen their faces when the blood in the canual "back flashed" or when the yellow gold (urine) started flowing in the tubing... they would just look at me and smile from ear to ear. The kids knew my clinical was no slouch... to do a head to toe assessment, they needed to see the patient naked. As long as they were naked, they might as well give them a bath...LOL. At first I could see they didn't expect to be doing all this "manual" labor, but quickly realized that it was to their benefit. And talk about proud. Last summer when I visited the medsurg floor of a hospital, a nurse came up to me and said, "do you remember me? I was in your class"