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  1. I am an MSN student pursuing the educator role. This question is part of my curriculum assignment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. As a Perioperative clinical educator in southern California, I am very interested in what you perceive to be the core objectives that should be included in an operating room rotation for ADN/BSN students. Thanks for all your valuable input in advance.
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  3. by   imenid37
    i am not an or person, but i think during this type of rotation it would be good to have extensive discussion on things like sterile technique and the various roles of the different people in the or, scrub nurse and circulator, rnfa, etc. who does what, who can touch what. overview of the equipment and basic instruments. have different people talk to them after a case and explain what they did during the case and the importance of all that documentation you guys do. i remember doing the or in school and just thinking i wished i knew what everyone was doing! good luck!