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  1. I'm being required to obtain my master's at some point for my job as a clinical instructor in an LPN program. I live in PA. Does anyone have any advice for obtaining funds? My school doesn't help.
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  3. by   Lstcats
    I, too, am facing the same issue. I can't afford school and it is mandatory for me to teach at any school as FT faculty incluuding PN. It is very strict here in MA and a MSN is required for all programs. However, I can teach as a clinical adjunct in PN and ADN programs. It is frowned upon in ADN programs and a MSN even with far less experience will get the job over me every time. I have looked at some scholarships and financial aid but haven't had a lot of time to research it all. I have been accepted at St. Joe's online MSN program. Let me know how you make out.
  4. by   iteachob
    Doesn't seem fair does it? I've been there, done that.

    My best advice is to be on the lookout for grants. Inquire at your school...not the one you work at, but at the one you're getting your degree from. I ended up getting an HRSA grant my last year that paid for most of my school for the last 2 semesters (part-time course load).
  5. by   Whispera
    Some states will pay for your education too...check into that.
  6. by   classicdame
    The graduate school I attended was able to get scholarships for many of us. I only bought a few books and no tuition.
  7. by   Lstcats
    Quote from classicdame
    The graduate school I attended was able to get scholarships for many of us. I only bought a few books and no tuition.
    You must go to a good school that does all that for you. I spoke w/ my advisor who was no help and said just talk to financial aid. She didn't give me any hope or real advice. If they want me to go to school there then they need to help out their students. I don't have the $$ to spend so I am not going back yet. It is an online program and each 3 credit course is $1150 or 1200 w/out books. I was already accepted and may have to go through the entire process again if I don't go back by Dec. 30th which I won't be doing. I can't imagine a school where you don't pay a cent. WOW...
  8. by   ElliShay
    Does PA have a state-funded student loan program? I live in Wyoming, and such a program exists here. I actually MADE money by attending grad school. The only requirement was that I teach for 2 years in the state and repayment would be waived. Since I was teaching full-time while obtaining my degree, the entire amount was waived upon graduation. Good luck to you--hopefully you will find a way (come to Wyoming--we need faculty!!) :chuckle