How much prep for theory?

  1. I have been teaching clinicals for a while and have an opportunity to do a few units of theory this spring.
    I will be using units that someone has already used in the past. Obviously I will be reading all the materials and putting my own spin on it. Can you give me a realistic amount of time I will spend preparing for each unit? So if I have a day of 4 hour lecture, how much prep time do you think I will need before hand for that one instruction day?
    (I have another job and am trying to figure out the logistics of how much time the theory will take of my life)
    And any advice for my first time teaching theory?
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  3. by   lkwashington
    I have been told that one hour of lecture equals four hours of planning. I am a clinical instructor and co teach theory. The theory part is pretty much planned for me at the moment. I do go over the information prior to class at times. It is good to put your own spin to it. The next new start in December I will be doing clinicals and theory for Medical-Surgical I. This would be two days clinicals because of the class size and two day classroom. To be honest it depends on your teaching style and how exactly you want to present the information. Keep me posted. Good luck.
  4. by   dorimar
    I spend way more time in prep than I do actually teaching. It makes a difference if you've taught the material before or if it bran spanking new. My new director tells us that we get only 2 hours of prep for every credit hour. If I lecture 3 hours I am only alloted 6 hours of pay for prep. I am teaching a class for the very first time this quarter (pathophys) and that doesn't even come close to the time I am actually spending on lesson prep... However, for my critical care class, I know that field up-and-down from my years working in it and have taught it 3 times in the last year with the same book and so this requires very little prep for me. I tried to tell my director that comparing a class you've never written or taught before to one that you've already written and taught is like comparing apples & oranges.