1. As a newly hired ADN instructor at the same community college in which I graduated (just 6 short years ago...), I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and just plain tired. I am working all the time on lectures, always with my back against the wall, trying to beat the clock. Responsible for lecturing on so many subjects. Don't get me wrong--I really, really enjoy my job and am SO thankful for this opportunity. The other faculty members, by the way, are wonderfully supportive. Just feeling very stretched out and tired. We are losing some of our key faculty members to retirement and this is making me feel very nervous also. Need some ideas. Want to work smarter, more efficiently, to better use my very limited personal time and resources. Any suggestions on how to develop one's lectures and teaching style--- at least something to help a new instructor to get started???
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    Vicky look at the general nursing thread, I answered your question there (well I tried to) Renee