Educator information needed please.

  1. I was wondering if any of you nursing educators could help me with some information? I am a first yr BSN doing a project on expaned nursing roles.
    What are your educational requirements? extra credentials?
    what is you role activity and practice guidelines?
    how much do you make? (range)
    what job opportunities do you have?

    i really appreciate your help and if you have any website that is good for this kind of info I would love to know what that is!

    thanks so much
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  3. by   doliveri
    This reply may be late, I have just become a member and have come across your query. I am a new nursing educator having just received my MSN 2 years ago. Salary is based on steps and also on experience in the field. I have been an RN for 29 years and so I did come in to the mid range in the salary field. The salary at this particular institution ranges anywhere from $40,000 to 75,000 depending on degree and credit status also. In the school system where I am employed, I do not need a credential. I teach at a community college ADN program. Each fulltime instructor has 15 units which is a full load to teach. I unit is worth 1 hour of prep time, which really does not match the prep time you put into the job. I do work in an acute care hospital over the summer to keep up with things going on and also to keep current in my practice and mostly because I do miss patient care. As an educator there are numerous policies which are followed set both by the college and the department. I have not really found a good website but ERIC is a good one (no full text unless you subscribe) but the Journal of nursing education and Nurse Educator are two very good journals to check out.
    Hope this helps
  4. by   zumalong
    Mjost, I have been a nurse for over 15 years. I have been teaching LPN's since 1995. I have my adn in nursing and am currently working towards my BSN (will be done in March)--the position I have pays very well for parttime. i also have good benefits because I am an employee of the state university system. I think if you are interested in persuing nurse education you need to keep in mind--how much do they allow for prep time (my first job did not give us any prep time), is the pay period for the whole year or only during the school year. This can mean smaller paychecks but steady income. Is it salaried or by the hour? I believe at the level of educator we should be salaried and compenstated. I enjoy teaching at the LPN level because I can help with the nursing shortage and encourage others to continue on with their education and become RN"s.