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  1. Hello fellow educators,

    After I finish my DNP, I was planning on furthering my education with an EdD. There are two tracks at the school that I'm currently teaching at: curriculum and instruction, and educational leadership. If I want to stay teaching, would the curriculum and instruction track be more beneficial? I don't know much about these tracks, and I figured many of you will be able to shed some light on this. Thank you.
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  3. by   llg
    Explore the specifics of each track at the school of your choice.

    But generally ... if you just want to teach, there may be no need to get an EdD. Most schools are hiring DNP's in straight teaching roles. If that is not the case in your region and you need an additional degree to get a teaching job, then the curriculum and instruction track is the one that would focus on actual teaching. It would help get you a teaching job and foster expertise in curriculum design and instructional methods. The leadership track would prepare you to be a Department Director and/or Dean. Neither would be focused primarily on research. Which career pathway interests you most?
  4. by   Bumex
    I feel like I want to stay in the classroom setting. I currently teach at a university that is not research intensive, and I want to stay there. I was approached several times for management positions during my staff nursing career and nothing ever appealed to me. I feel the same with management/administration in the academic setting as well.

    The only issue with having a DNP only is the competition for full time spots- which are usually filled by PhD or EdD educated nurses. The director has told me that he would consider the DNP trained nurse, however he strongly prefers EdD or PhD.
  5. by   WKShadowRN
    That's curious. I think all I've had were DNP facilitators. What did you decide?
  6. by   Bumex
    Still nothing conclusive yet. I'll finish my DNP and reassess the need.
  7. by   Bumex
    Kind of an update- if I choose to go onto anything after the DNP (currently chugging my way through), I will be doing a PhD in nursing over the EdD. I have found that very few institutions would want an EdD over the PhD. Plus, the PhD is far more versatile from what I have been finding out (as well as what most individuals have stated on AN). This is all presumptive, assuming I will even want to continue school. Granted I am appreciating researching more and more. Who knows at this point.
  8. by   llg
    Thanks for the update. I think you are right about the PhD being the most flexible degree. There are few jobs that would reject a PhD who had the right background/experience for the position.