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  1. For anyone who is an AHA CPR instructor, do you ever have issues with your TC getting back to you?

    I aligned with a small hospital in the Pittsburgh area over the summer. The woman who handles the TC responsibilities was very nice and helpful. I told her it might be a while before I actually teach a class since I have a full time job and was just getting my side business up and running. I finally got everything needed and scored some business with a construction company. They have 30 guys who need heartsaver with first aid and Bloodborn pathogens. I contacted the AHA coordinator at my TC, the same woman who helped me sign up over the summer, and she has yet to get back to me. I've emailed and called several times over the past 3 weeks and have gotten nothing back. I have questions about the Bloodborn pathogens part and don't want to teach the class until I get a definite answer from the TC. If they're not getting back to me about a simple question how am I supposed to trust them to give me the actual cards once the class has been taught? I'm not sure who to call except for the AHA directly.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Any chance that that woman may no longer be employed/associated with her organization anymore???

    Maybe nobody is answering her mail anymore.

    Just a thought ...
  4. by   Jdefelice
    Yes, the woman is still working there. It was confirmed about 10 days after my initial attempt to contact her. I called the emergency room because her office is right next to triage, and was told she still works there and has been seen. I was even told that they would give her a message to contact me, but still have not heard from her.