1. Can device manufacturer product inservices be used for needed annual competency training?
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  3. by   Donny Bounds
    I am a clinical educator at a local hospital and I use sales reps from equipment or supplies that we use to teach inservices. They can only count as education unless you incorporate testing that would show competency. The inservice just shows that they received information about a product or supply, it does not show that each staff member is competent in its use. Hope this helps!
  4. by   msjdkm
    Thanks for the info. I know of a company that is offering free inservices from equipment companies online with a test. I think this will be helpful for fulfiling competency requirements.
  5. by   CaliNurse

    What competency is this and what type of machine is this?

    At our facility each competency is reviewed on an annual basis. The only type of competency that is done is a self study fashion is Age Specific Needs. We use a self learning module and a post test. The other competencies are done in person with a validator.

    Be careful, I have had reps do inservices and the content conflicts our policy. This is why I also like to be present at all reps delivered inservices.

    Hope this helps,

  6. by   renerian
    I have used them as comptency in home health after a return demo from each participant.....JCAHO said that was fine.......