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  1. hey everyone! merry christmas!

    i was just wondering. when you do skill competencies for new employees or for annual up-dates, do you have a skill check sheet for each procedure or just a list of all procedures that need to be completed to date and initial as they are accomplished?

    i began this job a few months ago and there are about 20 procedures that are skill check off for competencies. that make for a large folder.... plus many are not all the same as the policy/procedures (no updates have been made and there are no electronic copies and hard are available.


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  3. by   msutton
    I'm new to this as well, but I used an HC pro program called "Evidence Based Competency Management System". It gives good guidelines on differences between competencies and skills. I have a list of competencies, and attached to each competency is a skill. It has become rather laborious, and I probably over did it, but the situation here was that the current competencies were outdated and left a lot to the RN's own interpretation. I feel there needs to be a strong paper trail when it comes to evaluating competency, with references on how those competencies are validated. Anyway, hope this helps. It's a long process, but once in place, it's done!!
  4. by   fgoff

    Thanks for your reply, I'm looking into the program. I work for a state agency and don't spend much when it comes to nursing esucation. The philosphy of the day "is do more with less", or in this case nothing.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. by   CjHMSN
    My facility has a skills competency checklist that contain each individual skill station required. If you need additional info or would like me to send you one of our checklist, contact me at cholden at ftsm dot mercy dot net

  6. by   HouTx
    I would recommend that you purchase a copy of Donna Wright's book "The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Health Care". It's relatively inexpensive & she provides a wonderful overview of all of the different methods that can be used to validate & document competency. She advocates a 'less is more' approach - decreasing all the mounds of useless paperwork. I think you'll enjoy the book.

    A note of caution -- be absolutely sure that your competency guidelines are exactly in line with your policies & procedures. If they are not the same, it is a HUGE liabilty risk for your organization.
  7. by   1BlessedRN
    I have a skilled check off list form for licensed nurses and one for my CNA's all the skills are within our policy and guidelines used during orientation and annually...your facility should provide these for you or simply request that they become really helps:wink2:
  8. by   fgoff
    • 1BlessedRN,
    Thanks for the input!

    I guess my facility has made the "simply request that they become incorporated" because I'm charged with "get everyones compentecy folder up to date".

    By the way the good part is I'm also developing most of the P&Ps..... Maybe that will work in my favor?
  9. by   CjHMSN
    It would be difficult to combine CNA and licensed nursing competency skills. Select the same skills they both are qualified to perform by your facility. Such as cbg, dressing change, etc...

  10. by   msutton
    I can tell you I had the exact same experience. This is what I did. I made a master list of all competencies that were to be needed. For each competency, there is a skill checklist that accompanies it. Example: for nurses to be competent in urinary catheterization, they must complete the skill checklist for urinary catheterization. The checklist is basically a step by step of the procedure (which I had to either create or update in certain circumstances). It was a huge undertaking, but now that it's done, I'm glad. Hope this helps you.
  11. by   fgoff
    It is a work in progress. I would like to avoid the skills check off forms and just have asigned compentancy statement that the observer noted the skill completed using current policy/procedure. (date and number, manual info inserted)
    I've been trying to orfer the book by Donna Wright but it wasbacked order on cheepbooks. I will try again....

    Thanks for you input.