CNE Exam - When to Schedule/How Long to Study

  1. I got my eligibility to schedule my CNE today and have until August 10th to take it. My issue is the timeline for trying to study.

    I start my DNP program on June 13th and that class lasts until August 7th. Then I get a week long break before the next class starts on August 15th. I have three options for scheduling the exam and am not sure which one is best:

    1) Schedule exam prior to DNP starting, but have 4 weeks to study
    2) Schedule exam after DNP class is over, have 12 weeks to study, but study while in school and change my work schedule up to accommodate the testing date to sit for exam before August 10th
    3) Schedule exam during DNP program at any time prior to August 10th and study while in school

    I have lots of study resources and have begun reading/taking practice tests. I’m doing an online review course given by Diane Billings. I plan to put all my time into studying for this test for the next 4 weeks while I don’t have anything school related going on. I’ve taken 3 certification/licensure tests and I only passed 1 of them on the first try. I don’t think I am a good standardized test-taker even though I have a 4.0 GPA. I also have test anxiety. My background includes a Masters in Nursing with Acute Care Pediatric focus, 6 years working in the NICU, adjunct clinical faculty for a BSN program since last October, and just finishing up my post-Masters in Nursing Educator. My DNP program that I'm starting in June is Educational Leadership.

    What do you guys think?
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  3. by   satisfiedwithURcare?
    How did it go, irish_rainbow? I will be finishing my MSN in nursing education next August and will (hoperfull- applying now) immediately jump into a DNP program, so trying to figure out the time I will need to set aside for the CNE next summer. My background is in L&D, where I help out in staff development, no formal teaching experience in academia. I used to be a good test-taker but in the last year, I've been a basketcase over my test even though I have a 4.0GPA in my MSN program. Would love any feedback!
  4. by   irish_rainbow
    Hi satisfiedwithURcare,

    I passed my CNE on the first attempt. I ended up scheduling it for June 8th which was the week before my first DNP class started. I did the online Billings review, NLN's Certified Nurse Educator Review: The Official National League for Nursing Guide, Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Review Manual: Second Edition, and Theory And Research For Academic Nurse Educators: Application To Practice. I studied, did review questions, or watched the online review in some capacity almost every day for that whole month leading up to the exam. I ended up passing in the above average range, so my studying paid off greatly.

    I would recommend studying and taking the test during a break you might have between programs. I was really glad that I studied when I had the time because the day before my CNE exam, the university that I really wanted to obtain employment with called and offered me a full time faculty position with tenure and promotion. It might have affected me a little bit, but because I had studied so much I was able to focus on the test the next day.

    Honestly, I recommend finding a break somewhere to study/take the exam because if you try to give your time to too many things at once it will make everything more difficult. I hope this helps!
  5. by   journey51#

    I just wanted to share how helpful it was to read your study techniques for the exam. I will utilize them since I am testing next month.