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  1. Which care plan book do you recommend for the PN level?
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  3. by   fgoff
    It has been awhile since I taught LPN students (late 90's) but we did not have a suggested care plan text book that the students purchased. I don't remember the whole conversations but it went along the scope of LPN pratice. We often loaned out Carbenito (sp).

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   heartonly
    I am almost at my 2 yr mark of teaching full time in a PN program. I went straight to a BSN program myself and have struggled with the LPN role. Being new to teaching in a PN program and very analytical, I am learning more about the LPN role and have recently become aware of the position statement by the state boards of nursing that LPNs do not assess but collect data and observations and the RN assesses all the data and initiates a plan of care. The LPN contributes to the plan of care and makes suggestions for changes to the care plan. So, I am wondering if we should even be asking our PN students to come up with a care plan. I want all the data I can find to support such a proposition to make changes to our program before I present it. To anyone with an opinion, should PN students be asked to come up with a care plan?
  5. by   cholli
    Yes your PN students should be creating care plans! I worked as an LPN for 6 years before going back to school. I am just now completing a MSN program myself and have been teaching pn's for 7 years.
    Many many of our graduates go on to ADN programs so they will definately need the nursing process there. Quite a few work as case managers in nursing homes- in that setting it is merely a formality that the RN cosigns the assessment, the LPN gathers lots of data and plans care for the resident. As an educator, I think the nursing process is a great teaching tool. It tells you a lot about the learner's thinking skills if they can grasp the concept- don't be too quick to give up care plans!!!
  6. by   vickynurse
    I like Cox. Very easy to use for both Ph & RN students. Really helps them to select correct diagnosis & appropriate interventions.