Baccalaureate Education Survey

  1. I am forwarding this notice on behalf of the American Nurses Association Committee for Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure (CNPII).

    The committee under the direction of Dr. Barbara McNeil, is undertaking a national study regarding education about informatics and standardized languages in the baccalaureate nursing curriculum.

    Data from this study will be used to identify US regional differences in:
    1.1. nursing informatics education
    2.2. demand for informatics nurses
    3.3. faculty perceptions regarding practicing nurses' use of various information technology tools
    4.4. faculty perceptions regarding their own expertise for teaching nursing informatics and standardized languages in the nursing curriculum

    Dr. McNeil has contacted the deans/directors of the 675 baccalaureate nursing programs in the US, but has received only 100 responses to her request for participation.

    They are asking that faculty members of baccalaureate nursing programs, contact their deans and director to encourage their participation in this important study. Findings from the survey will be used to form a needs assessment for a grant aimed toward nursing faculty development initiatives in informatics.

    As Dr. McNeil must attach a code to this survey which is completed online, please contact her directly at:

    Thank you
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