Authoring a Textbook Chapter - anyone with experience?

  1. Long story short: My academic mentor from my doctoral program has extended a request for me to author a chapter in a textbook. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    I feel my writing skills are where they need to be for this type of work, but I'm just curious about tips, pitfalls, and how to position myself for further work of this type. Also, is this something one can make decent money doing?

    Any/ all input is appreciated!
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  3. by   llg
    It wasn't a textbook, but I once wrote a chapter for a nursing book. I got paid 0. I assume the editor of the book got a little money. All financial matters should be in your contract. Don't expect to make a significant amount unless you are the sole author or editor of a book that sells a ton of copies.

    Adding it to your resume can be a good thing ... and depending on the topic, it might get you a speaking gig somewhere ... but don't expect a lot of direct benefit from this one chapter. However, I recommend doing it. The experience will probably be good for you and it will enhance your relationship with your mentor -- and that can be valuable in the long run and lead to other opportunities. For now, it might just be you doing work that she will get most of the credit (and money) for. But long term, the collaboration could be beneficial.

    I wish my academic advisers and mentors had offered me similar opportunities to help me launch my post-PhD career. Those kinds of opportunities can open doors down the road.

    Good luck!
  4. by   teachingdaily
    I agree with the above response. I was paid a couple hundred to write a chapter. I felt the work deserved more monetary compensation as it was a long tedious job. It was great to see my name in textbook and I learned a lot by writing it. The references were the most difficult. I would suggest doing it as it develops a working relationship, fits well on the resume and is impressive to the students we teach.