Anyone using ECCO?

  1. [font=Comic Sans MS]Is anyone out there using the ECCO Critical Care web-based program? I would love to hear from someone who can share their experience with me. I am a clinical educator, and my facility is getting ready to implement ECCO. I have so many questions about the best approach, supplemental materials, monitoring my students' progress, how often to meet, etc. Can anyone help me?? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   icuedu
    Thought I'd bump this because we are looking into starting this in our ICU's.......Anyone???

  4. by   ZASHAGALKA
    ECCO- Essentials of Critical Care Orientation - offered through AACN.

    My former boss was going to try it, but never got around to buying it (it's expensive, w/ expensive licenses for each user)

    If you're really interested, I recommend you go to NTI, the annual AACN conferece in Anaheim in May (go to AACN website for details on NTI or ECCO). They always have extensive demos there.

  5. by   wtbcrna
    We are using at Keesler AFB for nurses new to the ICU. The one nurse I worked with seemed to very comptent. Sorry I don't know more about it.....
  6. by   UBEIcu
    Yes, we will be using the ECCO program in our hospital. We have structured ours similarly to the corporate site. Our students will have specified times for computer times and supplemental material such as lectures and case studies. AACN has excellent website resources found within the ECCO Admnistrator Manual. is a great site for new grads coming into the ICU

    Hope this helps.
  7. by   AlwysLrng
    Our institution just started using ECCO about 2 months ago.

    We've had some issues with computers and generational differences.
    Problems: Experienced nurses with limited computer skills, unable to sign on,
    Confused by computer terms (online, dial-up, DSL), issues with wanting the education "in my hand," "I like to make notes and write all over whatever I am studying."

    Recommend the sign-on site is added to desktop "favorites"
    Have more technical persons available to assist with computer issues when new learners are accessing the site.
    Review content and utilize some of the worksheet/prep pages for note takers.
    Be clear what information can be printed for future reference, or you may have a participant print everything they read.
    Set time frames for completing sections and completion date of the program.

    I hope this helps for anyone just starting.