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  1. I'm a student nurse and I am researching my topic on debate. If you could impart any ideas, reasons or suggestions related to my topic I would appreciate it so much. My topic " No need for educational reform in nursing" (meaning no need for continuing education, why?).Thanks
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  3. by   Iris in the morning
    Nursing with out continuing education? You can forget about needing a position - you're non-trainable.
    Good luck with your research and in your career which will require much continuing education.
  4. by   MollyJ
    Hi, I'm a little unclear on your topic. I think "no need for ed reform in nursing" automatically linking to continuing ed is a bit of a leap. A common issue in nursing is mandated continuing ed for re-licensure. Some states do not mandate cont ed for re-licensure and I believe the basis is that the professional nurse does this anyhow, mandating attendance does not automatically connect to worthwhile content. I'm sure their are other arguments. I live in a state that mandates cont ed and I think that the professional nurse seeks cont ed that meets their educational deficits and requirements. Good luck.
  5. by   chrys
    Hi. I think there are really two issues in your statement. I believe their is plenty of change needed in the basic nursing degree programs and the second issue is that of the need for the profession to mandate continuing education. If your task is to debate it from the position that both are unnecessary then i won't be able to help. Good luck, that's quite the task.