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nursing dx: ineffective thermoregulation


I need a nursing diagnoses for my patient who is a 3 day old IUGR. He weighed 4.4 lbs at birth. He was not premature. He is under the radiant warmer. Both he and mom are septic. His WBC's are elevated and platelets are decreasing. He has an OG tube for feedings. I was thinking along the lines of ineffective thermoregulation, any suggestions?


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Think about what sepsis can mean for the newborn, both now and for the rest of his life. There are much more urgent or higher priority nursing diagnoses than ineffective thermoregulation, such as Risk for Neurological Injury. And there are others besides this. Platelets decreasing are an ominous sign - could be developing DIC, poor prognosis.

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ineffective thermoregulation r/t immature compensation for changes in environmental temperature can always be used for a newborn. but look at what else is going on: wbc's are elevated and platelets are decreasing. he has an og tube for feedings. why? what is going on? those are symptoms of what nursing diagnoses? check a nursing diagnosis manual or care plan book that has the taxonomy (the definition, defining characteristics and related factors for all the nursing diagnoses).

I am not sure what is going on. He is accepting feedings fine through the OG tube so I dont think that I can use Deficient Fluid volume. They are feeding him through an OG tube to reduce the stress of feedings... I am just at a loss....