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I have to meet with the Board of Nursing regarding an anonymous complaint back from 2 years ago. All HR records from all my employers were requested. Not sure what to expect.

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I would be a mess too. In fact about a year and a half ago. I was new to home health I took labs from a patient of another nurse. Results came in the next day, Hemoglobin was 7.2. Lab company did not call me or the MD for a critical lab. Once I saw the lab I called the MD asked his receptionist if they received the lab but did not tell them the value. Of course it was a Friday. Monday AM wife called and was upset because when he went to the MD office on Monday and the MD then read the lab sent him right to ER for transfusion. MD called my office and yelled at my boss. Why was he not told on friday of the value. Patient cancelled all services. She also wrote a nasty evaluation of our company. I do not think she called the BON but she might have. I do have . Good luck with your situation.

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