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Can anyone tell me a few nursing dignosis for adenovirus?

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in order to turn a medical diagnosis into a nursing diagnosis you must first break the medical diagnosis into its component symptoms. this is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, often the bronchioles. if this was a real patient that you had you should have also done a respiratory assessment of the patient and need to include that information. care plan diagnoses are based upon abnormal assessment data that we collect. a doctor would have also based this medical diagnosis of adenovirus upon abnormal assessment data that they had collected. every nursing diagnosis just like every medical diagnosis has a list of patient behaviors called cues or symptoms that we can observe and are characteristic of that specific nursing problem. nanda calls these cues or symptoms defining characteristics. a related group of cues and symptoms (defining characteristics) becomes a specific nursing problem and is given a label called a nursing diagnosis.

to see more on how to construct a care plan and determine nursing diagnoses, see the sticky thread listed at the end of this paragraph in the general nursing student discussion forum. you will find many examples there of how to determine a nursing diagnosis. you have not supplied enough information about this patient for me to give you any further customized help: - help with care plans

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