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nursing diagnosis for pediatric patient

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Hello all,

I was hoping for some help with a care plan that i'm doing. I'm having some trouble figuring out the priority nursing diagnosis for my pediatric patient, here is some info on him.

He is an 11 year old boy who got an appendectomy January 30th 2017. he came to the ED on April 24th 2017 because of URI symptoms and had trouble breathing. he also disclosed that whenever he coughed he had RLQ pain that had been happening for a few months. he was admitted to the unit and they did an MRI that showed a small abscess. he was then put on IV ABX, D 5 1/2 NS and NPO in case of going to surgery and getting jackson-pratt drains. the next day april 25th, they noted that his abscess was too small to drain so they just kept him on ABX and had him restored to a regular diet. they did a nasal swab to figure out the source of his URI symptoms and found that he had the flu.

clearly, there is a lot going on with this patient and i'm wondering if my priority nursing diagnosis would be his abd pain? or have something to do with his flu? any insight would help a ton!

thank you.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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What's bothering him the most? What's causing him the most discomfort or most immediate risk?

What objective data do you have? Vital signs? What's his respiratory assessment- lung sounds, work of breathing, etc.? How is he rating his pain? You need to look at the entire picture before determining priorities.

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Nursing diagnosis is all based off the patient assessment. THe priority is based off of the ABC and Maslows.

What is your current assessment and vital signs?