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Nursing Diagnosis Help!

mrs. t is a 22-year-old female who is 7 weeks pregnant (first trimester). she has been having an increasingly difficult time with nausea at all hours of the day. however, it is worse in the mornings. she has been unable to eat solid foods except in small bites and spread out throughout the day. thus far, she has not lost any weight, but she is worried about the health of herself and her baby. also, she has noticed that when the vomiting is at its worst, she does not urinate, the color is dark yellow and the odor is stronger than normal for her. she knows that she is supposed to be drinking extra fluids while she is pregnant, but she gets nauseated when she drinks more than a few sips.

nursing diagnosis:

deficient fluid volume r/t vomiting and nausea as evidenced by decreased urine output, increased urine concentration because unable to drink more than a few sips without getting nauseated and when vomiting is at its worst there is no urination, the color is dark yellow and the odor is stronger.

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I'd state it: "Deficient fluid volume R/T decreased fluid intake, vomiting, and nausea as evidenced by decreased urine output and increased urine concentration." The "because" stuff isn't part of the standard ND format, at least as it was taught to me.


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