could nursing be for me despite my PTSD?


I'm a junior in high school, homeschooled but not as sheltered as many homeschoolers my age are.

I also have treacher collins syndrome, due to it, I've had a rough history in the hospital and surgeries. I have PTSD from it.

but it's so confusing since my favorite shows are the er/hospital dramas and i know, they are only tv shows! haha. but i don't have ptsd to the point i can't take shots or anything like that. but the smell of surgery, [more spefically anthesia?], or the thought of tubes going up my nose terrifies me. i have an anxiety problem as well. and all my childhood i thought i'd never want to do anything career wise near a hospital yet i'm so attracted to nursing, especially ER and missionary work.

i really want to devote my life to helping others. i don't care about money, as long as i can eat and have a roof over my head i'll be happy.

i don't think that ptsd or treacher collins can ever keep me from doing anything i truly want to do. i don't want it to have power over me like that. but it's just my PTSD, and my sensitive personality is what bothers me when i think about nursing.

ER looks to me that it can be intense and i hear about how you have to have thick skin. I don't think I'm thick skinned, just generally emotionally detached. But that's something you can, develop and work on right? i like how it's got alot of routine to it but it's fast paced. [at least that's my impression of it, correct me if i'm wrong!] And I think you can really help others when you're a nurse, especially in missionary work.

So would ya'll have any advise to give me about my concerns?

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I think you could be a nurse with PTSD. Lots of us do. The great thing about nursing is there are so many specialities and so many places to work--if you try one and you don't like it, try another one.

I've worked in Labor & Delivery, Neonatal ICU(premie babies), ER, Telephone Triage(giving phone advice) and nursing education. Some of that work was at the bedside, some was in an office, and sometimes I worked from home. How cool is that!

Anyway, here I am 32 years after graduation. I still love being a nurse.

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