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Hey all,

Hopefully this is the right place to post. After a crazy two weeks in and out of the ER, medical facilities, etc, I got diagnosed with Crohn's Disease today. I graduate next Wednesday (5/10) so it's a heck of a graduation present. I'm so upset and scared and wondering how I'm going to be able to function as a nurse with a diagnosis like this especially once I start the biologic meds. Are there any current RNs out there that have Crohn's that have dealt with it for a while and could give some advice? It would be so appreciated. I don't want this standing in the way of me giving great care to my patients and being present for my job.

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Hi ! 

Yes. I was diagnosed at 14, am currently 57. I've been an RN since 2006. I can tell you that stress is the main problem, whether good or bad. It's obviously tough to eliminate all of the stress in your life, but if you can reduce it, it will be helpful. Honestly, as are most nurses, I'm a horrible patient. Taking upwards of 24 pills daily, not to mention injections and infusions, stressed me out more than just living without it. I am NOT suggesting you do that, just sharing my experience. I had a bowel resection at 30, which killed my career as a FF/EMT. The next logical step for me was nursing. It can absolutely be done and you can get yourself into remission, but it takes work. I had to basically eliminate any people, places or things that brought negativity into my life. Then, the hardest part, was focusing on, caring for and putting myself first. As a nurse, people expect you to help them, not the opposite. It was a challenge and took a while but every time I said "no", it got easier. I have had several hospitalizations over the years but have managed to get myself to a place where I only have a flare a couple times a year. The hardest piece is that it's a disease that can't be seen, so sometimes people, employers specifically, don't get it. Make sure you document everything and get Drs notes if you miss work. Most importantly, as I said, take care of YOU. You can do this!! 



This is so helpful to hear, thank you so much for your honesty I really appreciate you taking the time!! Gives me more hope that maybe I will be okay doing this. Stress seems to be the biggest trigger for me so far so I definitely agree, I REALLY need to learn how to say no more. It's so difficult. Thank you SO much again for your insight. 

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