Nursing courses without grades


I am trying to get in nursing school. I was accepted to Elmhurst and Alverno College both bachelor programs, and I am unsure of what to do. Elmhurst accepted me into there program but said it would be on space available basis and priority is given to students attending the term prior. I am affraid I 'll spend the money and too much time and it will take to long to finish. I was accepted to Alverno college in Milwuakee and the curriculum is ability bases and instead of grades you are given assesments. Can anyone give me some advise or know any one who went to either program Elmhurst college in Elmhurst IL., or Alverno college in Milwaukee???????????If you don't get grades I don't understand how you can go on and get your masters degree because most programs look at GPA.

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I'm completely stumped too. :confused:


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