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I am currently a second year FNP student. I was offered a part time job as a clinical nursing educator at my local college. (This will be my first time teaching) When I was given the offer I was told that I would only be doing clinicals with first year nurisng students at a LTC and if I wanted to I could help with lab days since I am in an MSN program. They told me they would be willing to work with my school schedule.  I was also told that I would be given a lot of support, guidance, could ask for any help I needed, and that there would always be a lead faculty to help me. I was also told I could access their resources so that I could study the same material the students will be studying. Since then I have been scheduled for clinical days and was scheduled to work every lab day and was not given a choice like I had originally been told. I was not given the orientation/training I was told I would be given last month. When I asked about the resources/materials, I was told it was too early that they didn't even know yet and couldnt access them. Their first lab day is September 30th. (I asked early because I am now starting my clincal days for my own school and I also have my own homework to do, so I wanted to prepare with time because I know I will be busy.) I worked last month on the 6th of August at the college and when I asked when I would receive a contract so that I could get direct deposit they told me it would arrive in the mail. I have not received anything yet. I contacted them again and was told there is a website where I need to create an account so I can get paid. I feel like the offer they gave me is completely different to the reality and I am not receiving the support they had promised. I am extremely fustrated with how things are going with the college and am at a loss. I honestly do not like the environment or support. I am having to figure everything for myself. I do not look forward to continuing to work there. Any advice is welcome.  Thank you!

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Sounds like you're juggling a few things in life. Big things. It will be overwhelming and frustrating. When I was in school for my MSNed, it was often frustrating on the response time from teachers and admins. That's just the way it is though. I was working a contract and going to school, it was not easy.

The first thing I would do is talk to whoever promised these things of support or their department. All the things you're looking into is good, but remember that responses may be slow. Nurses are always on the fast-track, because we have to be. It's hard for us to work with people in education that aren't used to that mentality. I think you're doing all the right things, getting ahead of it. If your job is what bothers you, leave. Though it will be harder to find a job while also doing clinicals.

Not sure what agency you are working with (if you're a travel nurse) or what job you have. But you very much sound like a nurse that is going through the aches and pains of school. I digress, go talk to the department where that person promised you support and give them a great deal of your time to sort out the issues you perceive. I hope that helps in some way.

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Sounds about right...the start up at college is very busy for full-time staff. They needed someone to teach clinical and help out in the lab...that's where you come in. Providing orientation and training IS NOT a priority to the full-time staff. 

If you are working without a signed contract that needs to be fixed ASAP. You may well be offered a contract that is completely different than what you agreed upon verbally so be sure to review it and not just sign it.


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Hi Shannon,

Thank you for the advice! I am also working per diem day shift at my local hospital. I am just not comfortable being thrown into the whole situation blindly when it is my first time teaching. I am also worried that they had promised flexibility with my school schedule and to only do clinicals. This quarter I would not have had to start clinicals with the students until November so I had been planning to get most of my hours in for my FNP clinicals before that but because they scheduled me in to do labs I have now lost those days to be able to do my hours. I am worried that next quarter they will do the same and by then I have to complete even more hours for my own program. 

Hi Sleepwalker,

Thank you for the advice! I was originally told I would only be doing clinicals with students and that labs would be optional for me. I had agreed to this because it worked better with my own school schedule and freed up more days so I could do my FNP clinicals. Now that they scheduled me in for labs as well I have lost quite a bit of days. I am worried about them doing this again next quarter: