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Hey guys im 16 and im looking to pursue a nursing career for my future job. I was wondering if you guys can tell me about how i can study and get ready for college and what is the best college to go for nursing.


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Nursing requires basic critical thinking and writing learned in english and philosophy classes. It also requires science and mathematics capabilities, usually including statistics, chemistry, biology, physiology, and microbiology. If you have a hard time in any of those areas, go to a tutoring center, form a study group. When I was in nursing school we had study groups for the hard classes like physiology and it really helped.

Also, I am so amazed that you are so interested at 16, good for you. I would say just focus on doing well in school (in general) not too much on the specifics.

Have you thought of volunteering? There are many ways you could do this: hanging out with the elderly in nursing homes, hospital volunteers, that kind of thing.

Keep up the good work :)

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If there is one in your area, I highly highly recommend a direct-entry BSN program, one where you can take all of your co-requisite classes at the same time as your nursing classes and functions similarly to any other 4-year degree at a university. The "take two years of pre-reqs, apply to a million nursing schools, pray you get in" process seems so incredibly inefficient.


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Talk to your guidance counselor and see if they can give you information on what to expect. They might be able to supply you with career advice and well-needed info for college life and courses. Colleges usually hold career days, and the College of Nursing always as a booth available to incoming students. The most important thing is your GPA. Many students apply to the nursing program with a 4.0. Make good habits of studying and carry that with you throughout college. Once you get accepted to the college of you choice, there will be academic advisers who will carve out your path before the semester begins. And again, keep your GPA up.