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I am a recent college graduate looking into nursing programs. I was wondering if it was possible to get an RN in Columbus, OH with a 2 year degree?

I currently have a BA in Communications but am looking for a nursing school.

Please let me know if you have suggestions.

Thank you!

It is possible to get an RN anywhere in the US with an associate's degree in a two year program. The RN comes from sitting for the NCLEX, which you can do after completing a nursing curriculum in a variety of schools.

That said, since you've got a bachelor's degree, you are eligible to do an advanced BSN (ABSN) program. A number of hospitals -- especially in Columbus -- STRONGLY prefer BSN prepared nurses. (As in, they pretty much only hire them.)

If you can financially handle an ABSN program, I would recommend it. Trying to find a position as an RN these days is complex enough, but when a job market such as yours dictates such a strong preference for BSN grads, it's really best if you prepare yourself that way out of the gate.

Good luck to you.

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