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Nursing Career Fulfillment: Statistics and Statements From Registered Nurses

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found at medscape.com- nursing economics article.

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nursing career fulfillment: statistics and statements from registered nurses

executive summary

  • while numerous studies have quantified the challenging aspects of the nursing profession today in terms such as vacancy and turnover rates, fewer have truly "qualified" the personal aspects of being a nurse in verbatim terms such as "unmanageable" and "impossible."
  • this study attempts to complement existing data with deeper meaning about the complexity and intensity of the nursing experience.
  • the survey of nurses (n=801) from texas addressed issues such as compensation, personal health, and work environment.
  • several themes emerged from the survey including a clear statement that nurses love the "intrinsic rewards of nursing" with equally clear statements about negative aspects of their career.
  • compensation was frequently cited as a dissatisfier with respect to issues like recruitment being valued more than retention, wage compression for bed-side roles, and minimal differentiation for expertise.
  • stressors named by nurses were multi-faceted: paperwork, patient complexity, turnover, and overtime.
  • feedback related to workload was notably intense with comments such as "powerfully overwhelming."

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Thanks. I'll have to go get a copy of this.

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