Would short term employment burn a bridge?

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    After being in limbo about my potential acceptance to nursing school for a couple months, I finally found out I was waitlisted and admitted for 2009. There's a chance a clinical unit could be added and I could be added in for January, but I won't even know that for a while.

    Because of things being up in the air for months now, and multiple dates by which I thought I'd have an answer, I hadn't taken a job yet, not knowing if I'd need a short-term bookstore type job or a more serious professional one to work for a whole year while waiting and wanting to avoid taking something just to have to leave it. I eventually started applying for CNA/unit clerk positions, and I recently got an offer for a great clerk position. Yay!

    My dilemma is this - I'd have to accept next week, but won't know about the extra clinical unit for a month still. Training for the job takes a few weeks, and I'd only really have a good month working IF I got in to school. If I don't get in, I'd love to have this job for the next year. But on the off chance I do, I don't want to make my employer upset and I might not have enough experience to work per diem at that point. I want the job and the experience, and the ability to make connections that would be useful when I eventually have my RN license.

    I'm really torn. I wouldn't want to burn an employer, nor do I want to shut myself out of opportunities since my school future is up in the air. Does anyone think it's possible to learn enough in that time that, if miracles happen and I got in, I could start school in January and work per diem rather than full time? Or should I just stay away and avoid the whole potential mess?
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  3. by   RN1989
    Depends on if you need a good reference from this short term job or not. If you can get into nursing school - you won't really need it once you graduate because they will be looking more at the fact that you are licensed (for the first job anyway). If there is a chance you may need another job at some point that is not nursing, taking a job and then leaving soon can look bad.