Will EMT background help?

  1. I am currently an EMT in Pennsylvania. How much will this benefit me when I'm done nursing school and searching for a job?

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  3. by   TopazLover
    I am not sure. Certainly the EMT cannot hurt. You are in a pretty saturated market for nurses so any advantage is one to capitalize on. You can use the EMT experience to show critical thinking skills and thinking on your feet. You can show that you were able to function as a team even when different people were involved. An interviewer wants to hear something that makes you stand out and being able to draw on your experience to show certain abilities may be just the ticket.

    Will it help you to acclimate to most nursing positions,no, IMHO. If you present it as a cocky "hose-head" it will hurt. i have met many who fit that description. For some it makes them unteachable to differing approaches. First responders tend to have specific protocols that must be maintained. Nursing demands more judgement.

    Good luck in your future. I am sure you can make the EMT positive for others to want your abiliities.
  4. by   bebbercorn
    The fact that you know fundamental nursing skills already is sure to help you shine in clinicals = connections = greater chance at job.