Why do they ask for a copy of car insurance

  1. if you are doing NO driving for them? No home health, no errands, no nothing except for me driving to the facility. The facility IS in a bad part of town so I wonder if they want to know my car is insured in case it gets broken into or stolen? It is part of the "required"paperwork I need to being with me.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    One of my agencies stopped asking for our car insurance. They said if our car was registered, we had to have car insurance and it wasn't necessary unless we were driving for the client anyway. Everybody continues to ask for this out of habit as far as I'm concerned. I always tell them no way am I driving a client in my car. One of my agencies demanded a copy of my malpractice insurance. I can guess what that is for. And if the need ever arises, I will be getting my own counsel. So they can count on that.