Which would you work 3p to 11p or 7p to 7a with a family?

  1. Ok right now I have options to work 3-11p 4 days on, two days off or 7p to 7a 3 nights on 4 off. The dilemma is both of my kids start school very very soon but both of their classes especially my youngest encourages parent volunteer time. Plus I'm very much a morning person, i work 7a to 7p for 2 years but switched to my current job 3-11 thinking I could get a 7a to 3p job very soon (highly unlikely). Should I stay with my 3-11 p job, go with the 7p to 7a, or look for a 7a to 7p job?.
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  3. by   JannyB
    7pm-7am then you have the whole day with the family!!

    -Janny B.
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  4. by   westieluv
    Well...not really. If she works three 7p-7a shifts in a row, she will spending at least the 2nd and 3rd day sleeping so that she can go back in that evening. I would also choose the 7p-7a over the 3p-11p, having worked both shifts with a family, but that daytime sleep when working the night shift is just as important as sleeping at night is to a day shift nurse! Working 12 hour nights without adequate sleep will wear a body down very quickly.
  5. by   Nursingluv101
    I work the 3pm to 11pm and it sucks your there every day!!!...now I might be getting a 3pm
    To 3am job in the ER but at least I'm only there 3 days a week, and keep my per diem (3-11) for weeks I want pick up extra money. I would do the 7p to 7am nights are a easier shift and you will have more time off. I always try to get the day shift too but it is a hard shift to get for some reason!
  6. by   Nursingluv101
    I know I'm trying to figure who's going to take my kids to school so I can sleep the nights I work. Not sure if I'm going to want wake up at 730 to take em and go back to bed, I like sleeping
  7. by   pbajil
    I've done both with kids. It depends. Do you have child care for the morning/whole day or just the afternoon? Nights with kids was good bc then I could be there for dinners, and homework etc. But I would miss a lot of mornings due to sleep. 3-11 was good bc I could be there with the little ones in the AM. But I wouldn't see my school aged kid at all. No dinner or homework and no after school time.
  8. by   meandmymen
    Both of my kids are in school starting today so other than when school is out. I decided to take the 7pm to 7am since I would see neither one of them the mornings I was off. Plus I like having more days off even if it does mean sleeping. Lately I have been so tired I could sleep on a dry rock!Thank you all so much for the advice!
  9. by   meandmymen
    Care wouldn't be an issue*
  10. by   azor
    Its good u made the deciion to go with 7p-7a. I love that shift and it works good for me and my family. You can sleep whie they are in school and you can even wake up early to be with your kids and help with hmework before you go back to school.