What was it like searching for jobs as a new ADN grad in NYC?

  1. I've recently graduated with an associates degree in nursing this June and earned a license number since then. Searching for jobs hasn't been easy thus far. It seems all hospitals want a minimum of a bachelors degree with at least 1 year of med-surge experience. Despite that, I still send out my resume stating I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program in hopes they'd give me a chance. I've sent out my resumes to all HHC hospitals, LTC facilities, and staffing agencies. Since then, I've either been told to try again when I get experience or had no replies at all. I've been searching for almost 2 weeks which, according to nursing forums, isn't very long. However, I do see how difficult this can be. I would like to know if there are any suggestions or tips for getting an RN position in NY. Are there still any hospitals (HHC or not) that are willing to accept ADN graduates? How long did it take to get a reply from HHC hospitals? What job search engines did you use? Any stories from anyone who shared the same experience or tips would be great! Thank you in advance.
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    The ADN isn't helping if the prefer BSN degrees -- but best assured it isn't only you... here is a recent thread from a BSN graduate that is having the same issue since January. Keep plugging along and consider some of the advice that has been offered to this poster. Best of luck.

    new grad having extreme difficulty
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    Thank you for your input! I decided to take the LTC/SNF job so that I may gain some experience while finishing up my BSN.