What to expect in a relocation package??

  1. I am relocated across the state for my husband's job and have begun searching for jobs in that area. His job does not offer any relocation assistance and we are struggling trying to afford this move, especially because the cost of living is significantly higher in the new area (Seattle vs rural eastern Wa). Our rent will nearly double... one job I applied for mentioned this hospital offers relocation assistance. I am an ICU nurse, which seems to be pretty in demand. What can I expect in a relocation package? I need help getting a U-haul and coming up with first, last, and deposit for a new place (I certainly dont expect them to pay for all of it). Do companies usually just reimburse certain qualifying expenses? Do I get a lump sum of cash? I have no idea what to expect and the internet is vague on what a relocation package offers. Any insight?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Usually the relocation bonus is paid AFTER a certain period of employment - like six months.