What masters degree is for me? And, Career advice please!!PLEASE HELP

  1. hello!
    Well, I have posted on this several times before, and I am still struggling with this question (maybe b/c I am scared to just decide!). My background: About 3 yrs experience maternity and NICU. I do like my job now, but am looking towards other opportunites. I would ideally like to still work with the babies or neonatal research, not sure how to go about that...
    Also, seeing as I have a lot of free time at this point of my life (read: pre-family, kids, home mortgage ) I would like to enter a master's program now. I was thinking MBA or MPA (masters in public administration) b/c I know to move up in corporate areas a lot of people are getting their business degrees (you know, more "well-rounded" with nursing and business).
    However, I am now thinking MSN; as I am interested in nursing and feel like it would still benefit me. Are there general MSN programs? I do NOT want to be a nurse practitioner b/c I don't want to do deal with the same stress or liability. Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks, t.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm doing my MSN in management and leadership with University of Phoenix.
  4. by   t2000JC
    what made you think of the msn in management vs. a MBA? t.