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  1. Hello there,

    I'm currently a student at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) finishing off my third year as a Bachelor of Arts student with a Major in Psychology. Ive been researching the field of Nursing for a while and have discovered that I may be interested in persuing a career in nursing. I've viewed alot of other people's comments on nursing lifestyle and education, but still need a few more answers. Im debating on receiving my education between Canada and the US. Could anyone please help me answer the following:

    1) What do you feel I need to know about nursing in terms of pros/cons?
    2) What is the future for nursing?
    3) What is LPN, BSN, RN and so forth? The differences in level of education, salaries etc...
    4) How long will it take to be a CRNA and what do I need to become one?
    5) Could my current education be converted or in other words, do I have to start over by doing my BSN or whatever?
    6) If in canada, what colleges would you recommend to further my studies?
    7) If in USA, what colleges would you recommend to further my studies?

    Thank you!
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