what do you do with your kids?

  1. okay all ladies and gents, please let me know!! what hours do you work and what do you do with your kids?? I will be applying for rn school in march, and yet im not worried about school its after school that im worried about! My husband is a train engineer and works all kinds of crazy hours so he is not much help in the kids department. Is it hard finding a job with day hours. will I only be able to work nights at first? Please let me know how yall are handling this. Thanks My parents do live next door so that will be some help:spin:
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    How old are your kids? If parents live next door, why can't they just watch them?
  4. by   rgrgray
    wow I forgot about this post. i graduated in May and I start my new job in Aug as a school nurse perfect hours to were i dont have to worry about my kids. My parents were a great help thru school but i felt guilty asking my parents to help watch my kids any longer. Its not that they mind in fact they enjoy it, but it is not there responsibilty to watch my kids. I do feel like I am missing out in the hospital seen but I geuss you do what you have to do. Thanks