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  1. Hello,
    I am interested in applying to Western Governors MSN online program. Just wanted to know if anyone out there is currently a student or graduate of the MSN online program. If so, what were your experiences? How did a degree from Western Governors impact your career goals? Do you feel it is a reputable school and worth the money?
    I appreciate any input you can give.

    Thank youA
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  3. by   hoheit
    I imagine by now you have heard back on this topic, but in case you have not here is my two cents.

    I recently completed my BSN with WGU. It took me 16 months, but there are those who can complete RN to BSN in 6 months. The price is among the best values for a BSN. The tuition is a flat rate whether you do 12 credits (the minimum) or a complete program in 6 months.

    You must be self motivated and willing to read and research extensively on your own to complete this program. On the up side there are no discussion boards, required live classes (other than orientation) or deadlines and you truly work at your own pace. If I have a busy work week I can put school work aside and do more when I have downtime.

    There are a few concerns about WGU; often times the class instructions seem vague, information can be inconsistent from mentor to mentor and the program is always changing and evolving. But if you develop a good relationship with your Student Mentor, consult Class Mentors and read all the available information and tips, you can thrive.