Wanting to go back to nursing field after being dormant for a long time..

  1. Hi! I hoping somebody will enlighten me about current trends on nursing. Ive been wanting to go back but dont know what and where to start at all.. i graduated BSN way back 1997 fr a foreign country with no experience at all. I took NCLEX year 2003 and failed twice and got very depressed after that. My question is now that im here Texas and got a lot of time in my hands im thinking if i can apply for a job and what position to start or do i need first to enroll on a refresher course or any certification to start working. Thank you so much in advance!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    So you've been out of school 20 years and have not passed NCLEX? I don't think a refresher will help you. I think you need to start over- and I say that not to be cruel, but to be realistic. How about enrolling in an LVN program?
  4. by   krishacher
    Im afraid that should be the case.. to start all over.