Want to transfer to another unit...

  1. I am a nurse currently working in a teaching hospital (oncology) but would like to transfer to another unit. I looked at the HR website and there are some open positions for the unit I would like to transfer to.

    I have applied online but its been a week and I have not heard aanything back. As some might say, give it some more time but I just get so paranoid sometimes and I see that the position is still open. Is it ok to call the manager of that unit and tell her im interested in working on her unit or does that seem desperate. I dont want to just sit back and wait, I actually want to be diligent in securing this job..

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  3. by   lefrench123
    You want to work in the same hospital? Usually, hospitals have some kind of policy for internal transfers. You should tell your current manager that you are interested in another unit and ask what you need to do to transfer. Depending on staffing, you may not be able to move right away, but it will get your foot in the door, and hospitals like to hire from within because less orientation is involved. I think you should talk to your manager soon because applying may make it look like you were hiding it from them, which will not look good to your current or future manager.
  4. by   pedsnurse2011
    yes, it is within the same hospital and i have read the requirements and i satisfy it all. I have been reading about the nurse wanting to transfer to let the manager know...why do you need to do that??
    it makes it seem like you cant do anything without their input or say so. I have known nurses who worked on my unit and have transferred without any problems. all they needed to do was to let the manager know they would be leaving in 4 wks(per our policy). besides telling the manager would not make her happy and i am willing to just get the job and move on..
  5. by   K+MgSO4
    Changing units means a change in cost center for wages etc and it is faster to swap units than go through the whole recruitment process.

    It is also good manners to tell your manager what you are planning on doing.
  6. by   dishes
    You may satisfy all the requirements but there may be other internal applicants who are more qualified than you.The job posting stays up until the closing date in order to allow time for all interested applicants to apply. After the closing date, HR sends the qualified applications to the hiring manager. When the hiring manager receives internal applications they speak to the applicant's current manager. They ask about the applicant's job performance and whether the current manager has any concerns about transferring to their unit. Do you think your manager will give you better a recommendation if she is aware of your transfer request or if she is caught off guard?
  7. by   skillet
    Call the nurse recruiter and let them know you applied. When I wanted to transfer I didn't hear anything so I called nurse recruiter to ask if job was still open. HR then sent my app to the manager and I had interview scheduled within the day.
  8. by   pedsnurse2011
    Thanks for the input guys @ skillet. I will do exactly that on monday