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Hi everyone! My name is Tori. I created this page for those interested in the summer 2018 nurse residency program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. We can use this page as a... Read More

  1. by   vgiordano23
    Hi! Since you already finished your application, do you know if references are notified once we submit all of our material? I wanted some more time to work on my letter of intent, but it seems like I have to submit that before any info will be emailed to my references.
  2. by   vgiordano23
    To clarify, are you submitting a cover letter in the initial application process, or just the letter of intent?
  3. by   forevernursetn
    For the first part of the application, you submit a cover letter along with a resume. Then, they will e-mail you a second packet that has a few sections such as references, letter of intent, etc. that you can fill out separately. You will type the name and address of each reference and Vandy will automatically send them an e-mail. I submitted mine yesterday, for peds acute care. I hope that helps some!!
  4. by   amandashea95
    When I initially applied (before I received the second portion-application packet) I did not submit a cover letter. I submitted a rough draft of my resume. I was told that you do not have to submit anything for the resume or cover letter in the first part (this is what I was told but it could be wrong). Whenever you receive the application packet (this came in several hours after I initially applied), there will be a section where you fill out work experience, volunteer experience, and leadership. You will also have a separate section for both your resume and letter of intent. There is another section where you input your references and deans office. You will also choose your track selection in the packet. I hope this helps!!
  5. by   vgiordano23
    Thank you! I confirmed with Tracey Fargo that a cover letter does not need to be submitted in part 1, just the letter of intent in part 2.
  6. by   rebeccalauren12
    I am also applying for the summer 2018 program! I submitted part 1 yesterday before finding this thread, so I included my finalized cover letter and resume. I guess I will just turn the cover letter into a letter of intent since the two are seemingly similar! Hope I didn't mess anything else up haha best of luck to everyone!
  7. by   sierrapk
    HI Everyone!! I applied too and am just awaiting the responses from my references for the second portion of the application!! I am applying for the pediatric track and am from Canada!!
  8. by   Bioboo
    Hello all,

    Just want to introduce myself since I plan to creep through the rest of the comments. My name is Lauren, current ABSN student at UNC-Chapel Hill in NC. I've already completed all parts of the primary and secondary applications, minus the letter of intent. I'm trying to get that puppy done in the next day or two as I know the deadline is Feb. 2nd. I'm trying to do critical care and am having trouble deciding between Trauma ICU, Surgical ICU or ED; I did not get a preceptor placement in either of these from my school and so I'm kind of taking an educated shot in the dark. I am interested in potentially going for a flight nurse type track down the road but obviously will see how my employment satisfaction goes before committing to that. I'm only applying to level 1 trauma centers for now; I like "game-time" type environments. What track are ya'll applying for?

    Previous BS degree was in molecular, cellular and developmental biology; worked in genetics diagnostic testing and molecular oncology research before switching careers. No NA, CNA experience and all that I have from the best 6 months for work or volunteering is a student volunteering trop I took for two weeks to San Jose, Costa Rica and being VP of my RN school's aspiring critical care nurses club.
  9. by   alexis17
    Hi guys! I'm also applying to the Summer 2018 program. I was wondering if anyone knew which track well baby nursery would be under? I know they have a women's track (L&D and postpartum) and they also have the NICU track but I was curious as to which one the nursery would follow. Any feedback would be great, thanks! Good luck to all
  10. by   vgiordano23
    Hi Alexis! I'm assuming the nursery would fall under L&D/PP. Tracey Fargo is very responsive by email if you want to ask her directly to confirm.
  11. by   Bioboo
    Just to clarify on this question, once you type in the reference emails in the online, second part of the application process it sends them an email when you hit submit on the reference page (not the final application "submit"). You cannot submit the entire second portion of the packet until it shows that your references have filled out their forms. So, you'll have time to work on your letter of intent but I would make sure the auto-generated emails for your references are sent out ASAP so they have time. This somewhat confused me at first, so I learned by just trying it lol
  12. by   sierrapk
    Right I was so confused!! Thank you!! I have been waiting so patiently for my references but apparently 2/3 haven't even received their forms because the university has been blocking them!! Feb 2nd seemed so far, but now it doesn't! haha
  13. by   vgiordano23
    @Bioboo that's right! Everything should say "Received" before you can submit.
    @Sierrapk I totally agree - Feb 2nd is quickly approaching!!