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  1. This is an odd one but any help is well appriciated.

    I would like to complete a MSN as a FNP. I'm currently in the US, however I would like to move to the UK to live for awhile. Call it an extreme need for change...
    Anyway, I know there are NPs in the UK but I don't know if a US trained NP can work as a NP in the UK. I've searched the internet and have yet to find an answer.
    Also, if anyone has any insight on moving to the UK as a RN please share. I've thought about re-locating before the FNP.

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  3. by   madwife2002
    Of course it is possible to relocate to the UK but I am unsure whether you would need to do 6 months adaptation prior to looking for a position as a NP.
    You will need to go via the NMC web site you should be able to access information for international nurses.
    Olso if you utilise the UK nursing forum you will find lots of ans to your questions.

    Good Luck
  4. by   Ottalie
    Thanks!! Just the site I needed, and google never produced it!