Type of BS degree

  1. If I have a BS in human physiology do I really need to get a BSN or will it really matter? I need to know if I can just go do the AAS in nursing at the community college or if I should go do a BS to BSN accelerated degree for those who already have a BS and want to go into nursing.

    Will getting the BSN have any benefits to me? Will not having a BSN hurt me?
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  3. by   jamangel
    you're going to need a nursing degree. i don't know what the curriculum for your present degree is but if it's very similar to what the core for nursing is then all that's left may be nursing course and clinicals. Check out the local college inyour area to see what they require. No matter which nursing degree you decide you have to have nursing classes and clinicals.
  4. by   llg
    A lot depends on:

    1. Where you live
    2. Your long term career goals (some of which you probably can't predict at the moment)
    3. Future developments within the nursing profession (which are hard to predict)

    Most leaders within the nursing profession and most major nursing organizations are pushing for the upgrading of nursing education -- and advocate the BSN as the preferred degree for any nursing positions that involve much independence and or leadership. While they have not been totally successful with that agenda over the years, they have achieved some success. If you look at the long term historical trends, nursing education requirements are increasing -- not decreasing.

    Some areas of the country (and some individual employers) favor the BSN more than others. Also, some specialties (e.g. nursing education) favor the BSN more than others.

    So ... if you are young and may want career advancement in the future and/or you live in an area of the country where most nurses in leadership positions and/or several employers favor the BSN, then I would definitely recommend you aim for that BSN. However, if you know for a fact that you will not want career advancement and/or you know that your local employers do not favor it, then it might not be necessary for you.

    Another thing to consider is to ask yourself how you would feel if you choose one path and later change your mind. For example, if you choose not to get a BSN now and later find out that you need it for a job you want ... how will you feel about having to return to school AGAIN to get it? If you decide to get your BSN now and later decide it was not necessary for your particular career path, how will you feel about the extra time/money spent?

    Sometimes envisioning how you would feel about the possible consequences of your decisions is the best way to make up your mind about such questions.

    Good luck,