Tough Decision

  1. Hello!
    I need good advice from fellow nurses.

    I have been working in a adolescent group home for a year and a half and was recently promoted to supervisor. I have enjoyed the role thus far, although it can be very stressful and political.
    My biggest problem has been lazy employees who feel they do not need to complete tasks that every nurse has to do (sign the M.A.R, file/fax, documenting, prioritize time). Because of this, a great amount of my time has been focused on (every supervisors joy! ) writing them up and checking their work. I have given them verbal and written coaching/warnings to these employees on several different occasions. I did not want to be a "micro-manager", but I feel pushed into that direction because I've been told that I'm responsible for their actions.

    When the position was offered to me, I had minimal experience as a supervisor. My boss reassured and encouraged me by saying she would guide me in this new role by offering one on one training, including tips and "role play" for common situations. Weekly meetings with her were to serve as ongoing training. My schedule was to be M-F, and I received a considerable raise for an LVN in my area ($45K annually).

    Too make a long story short, an employee of mine did not fax a new medication order. When it was discovered (one month later), I faxed it and got the prescription filled. Because of this, I received a very strongly worded reprimand...that stated if it happened again, I would be fired. Whoaa.

    I would have gladly taken a verbal warning, but a definitive write up seems very strong. I have not had a problem giving meds or following M.D. orders in my career. I pride myself on being very thorough and honest in my job. To say that I wasn't shocked by my being written up would be a lie.

    The director of my company also happens to be a former nurse who is now watching me like a hawk...when just a few months ago she was praising me like a God.

    I understand that this is essentially "taking one for the team", but it has left me slightly bitter and questioning my future with this employer. My schedule has not been changed and my boss is now resistant to my participation in the management training course that we originally discussed. I am also concerned that my current salary has "priced me out" of the current LVN wages in my area.

    I do not consider myself a quitter. I want to stay and show that I can fulfill the position. I love what I do at this facility, but I feel that I'm losing support from management.

    Am I overreacting to this write up by reading too much into this situation?
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  3. by   SFCardiacRN
    Congratulations on your promotion! Supervisor is a difficult position and there is sure to be a steep learning curve for a first timer. There will be times when you are "caught in the middle" between management and staff. Trust your abilities and I'm sure you will rise to the occasion. Find a nice outlet for those bad days and realize you are being held to a higher standard now. I think you should fight for the management training course to show you are serious. Good Luck.
  4. by   NurseRatchett
    Thank you for your response.
    I have decided to stay and show my capabilities. If I quit, then i'm failing myself by giving up when the going got tough.