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I am 32 years old, and until I came to this board, I was seriously considering going to nursing school to be an RN. Is there anyone out there who is satisfied with their nursing job? All careers... Read More

  1. by   peggysilva
    I would reccomend nursing to anyone who really wants to be a nurse. Those people who do not have the "calling" will find it an unbearable job rather than a satisfying profession. I have been a RN since 1966 and have always worked. I have be very thankful for the opportunities that nursing has offered me. While the profession has changed with the times, the basic need to care for the sick has not changed. We still care for those who will leave the hospital and those who will not. At a minimum making nothing worse and hopefully make their life a bit better because we were there.
    It is hard work, working holidays, working off shifts, and working overtime. Oh yes and you will not get rich. I love nursing.
  2. by   jevans

    Nursing is a demanding career!

    It takes a special person who has grit, determination, a quest for knowledge, compassion, caring, common sense and a lot of staying power AND a sense of humor

    You have good days and bad days BUT even on the bad days some small comment or action by a patient makes it worthwhile.

    I love my work passionately and could not do anything else.

    When you read the posts on this board what you have to apreciate is that nurses need to sound off, we like to discuss issues at work with other people who understand. We use this board to offload, learn from others and gossip with people who are in simular situations.

    Hope you make a wise decission
  3. by   shygirl
    I can't believe a certain nurse (whom shall remain nameless) hasn't responded to this. She responds to EVERYTHING ELSE!

    I love my job and I am very happy being an RN. I would do it all over again. The satisfaction that you get from helping others is amazing. Good Luck to you!

    P.S. Kona2, I loved your letter. I am sorry that your working situation is like that. Why don't you try going somewhere else so you CAN go home feeling happy?
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