Thinking about quitting nursing

  1. I've been working as a med/surg nurse for the last 3 years. I started working nights on a tele/stroke unit where the patients are much higher acuity. And I feel so inadequate as a nurse now. The floor is really hard and I constantly get out late. I've been there for 2 months only but I hate going into work every night and feel depressed. I've been thinking about quitting nursing. Or going back to my old job that I loved. I don't know what to do. What should I do? Help!
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  3. by   InTheClouds
    Sounds like you're having a tough time, however if you figure out why you're getting out late and any other reasons that are making you feel inadequate, try to improve on them! Maybe you can even ask some of the people you're working with for tips. Give it a little more time and if you really feel the need to go back to your old job then go for it, but don't quit too early. Best of luck and prayers to you.
  4. by   CrunchRN
    What was your old job?
  5. by   Decade1
    I was a fulltime nurse for 14 years and in healthcare for 6 before that. I got an accounting degree and am learning a new job. It's challenging and interesting. I am really glad I left. Sionara!