the options in taking MSN...

  1. Hello! I am new here in forum and I find this forum very informative. Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences and knowledge to us...:wink2:

    I am planning to take up MSN in Univ. of Phoenix online ASAP. I am working full-time in a med-surgical unit. I would like to ask for your advice, your opinion if I am making the right move.
    I just don't know if I can handle my schedule because I heard that the school oblige the student to log in 4 times a week and on-line learning is more difficult than attending classroom classes because it is more intensive.

    I am quite hesitant also about the financial aid. It is quite expensive, $465 per credit so I would be needing $1,395 in 5 weeks' time and that would leave me no savings at all. But I am worried about the interest rate of loans.

    I also plan to be a Patient Education specialist and a Nurse Education specialist... is there anything I need to do aside from taking up MSN? What are the other career options with the MSN Education degree?

    Thank you very much in advance.
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