Texas Children's Nurse Residency Fall 2017 Applicant

  1. Hello all! I figured I would go ahead and create a feed for the upcoming applicants so that we can keep up with deadlines and interviews etc... Please share questions and comments on this feed. Also if you see the application become available, let us know Best of wishes to you all!
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  3. by   nena_46
    HI! I graduate this December and waiting for TCH to open the application process. I was told it will be up some time in October and it will only be open for 1-2 weeks, so I would advice everyone to have their stuff ready to submit. Good Luck to everyone!
  4. by   cgoldsmith
    I got a digital interview.. they said that face-to-face interviews would be October 13 or October 16. Anyone received a call about scheduling a face-to-face interview yet?
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  5. by   nena_46
    Hi Cgoldsmith, are you talking about Children's Dallas, because I got a digital interview and their face to face interviews are on the 13th or 16th. This thread is for Texas Children's in Houston. Which from what I know, they have not opened their applications just yet. Please don't scare me hahah
  6. by   cgoldsmith
    Yes! I'm talking about Children's in Dallas!
  7. by   nena_46
    Ok.... I got scared for a minute there. Dallas is doing interviews in October.... Good Luck. Where do you go to school?
  8. by   Astros221
    Hi, I graduate in December 2017 and plan on applying. They open up the applications in October. Good luck to everyone.
  9. by   LKVRN
    Hello! I also graduate and December and have turned in my application. Does anyone know when we are expected to hear from TCH? Hopefully it won't be too long after the application closes since other places are starting to interview! I want to wait for TCH if I'm able to!
  10. by   Astros221
    Which places are already starting to interview? And that's awesome, what position are you hoping to get at TCH?
  11. by   nena_46
    I am hoping for NICU or ER... I asked the recruiter about an ER position, but she said they did not have exact positions yet. Has anyone heard from the recruiter?
  12. by   Astros221
    No, she said they would get everything finalized and we would hear within a couple weeks of when the application closed.
  13. by   nena_46
    Ugh I wish it would not take so long! I just want to know already. What positions are you applying for?
  14. by   Astros221
    I hoping for PICU, although I put down CVICU first. But after thinking it over more, I'm leaning towards PICU.