Termination Repercussions

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum but not to nursing. I recently lost my job at a large facility,where I had been employed for several years.The basis for my termination was a medication error,along with a handful of minor charges.I believe that I did not make the medication error,and have been fighting the termination via the facility's internal appeals process,although so far they are going in favor of the facility and corrective action.

    My fear is that they are threatening to report this mistake to the state board of nursing.Other people who are in nursing and/or legal fields tell me that the board will "laugh at their claims" based on what the error was,and how they are presenting it. I am still worried that this will affect my career and/or license,and I am doing everything possible to fight the system.I have spoken to the local civil rights commission(will explain below) and have spoken to a labor attorney,but have not retained the attorney due to fees at this point.

    The underlying reason that i feel that I have been terminated has to do the fact that i have had acute depression d/t some trauma in my life in the last couple of years.I have been hospitalized for it,and had to leave work one day when i had an episode with it.At the time,my supervisor was understanding,butthey've been treating me with kid gloves after the incident.I have also been planning on relocating,which they were aware of,and they were always asking me how soon I was planning to leave.When it didnt happen soon enough,they confronted me after gathering miscellaneous charges for about a week,and suspended me,firing me over the phone later that day.

    My question/concern is,how worried should I be about the Board? I have obtained another position,but am worried that this will come back to haunt me.How do i go about defending myself against such a huge corporation? And how do I continue in nursing without feeling like I am the worst nurse in the world?

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would concern myself no more with the board other than to save money to retain an attorney should the need arise. The operative phrase here is, "should the need arise". Concentrate on your job or you will lose this one too.