1. Just wondering if there is anyone on here that has worked in telemetry. I am considering applying for a CNA position in telemetry but wanted to get an idea of what I would be getting myself into.
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  3. by   bsnrnoh
    I worked tele in my first job out of school as an RN and had no previous experience except for clincals. I think that a CNA position would give you a really great opportunity to learn cardiac care and see if that might be an area you want to specialize in after school.

    In the unit I worked on most of the patients were at least weight bearing and most were coninent of B&B. But just to let you know I only lasted 3 months in this position as a new grad RN, due in part to not knowing what I was getting into up front. (and staffing issuses, but that seems to be everywhere)

    Good Luck and Go for it.
  4. by   sun_chica
    I worked on a tele unit for 4months, it ws severely understaffed so I left, quickly. As for being an aide on the see alot & you'll find out real quick if it's an area you want to go further in. You likely deal w/ a arge number of cardiac & resp pt's (& stroke) pts. It'll definetely be a great learning experience for you... Good luck!!
  5. by   michw2
    I am in nursing school. I work at a local hospital as a Nurse Partner on the Cardiac Med-Surg floor that has Tele. I have done some of the CNA stuff there and I never had any hospital experiance before that and I like it.